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We guide and assist prospective adopters who wish to adopt children of Jamaican descent expected to live in Jamaica or eventually migrate overseas.

Administration of Trusts & Estates

Our firm undertakes matters including, drafting/reviewing wills and codicils, revocation of wills, probating a will, obtaining letters of administration, filing actions for a wrongful death and any other matter which arises upon the death of a person.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

These include matters wherein parties usually agree to use mediums such as arbitration, negotiation, mediation or conciliation to resolve their dispute rather than or in conjunction with the courts.

Civil Litigation

The team advises and represents clients on a wide range of matters relating to property, contracts, defamation, negligence, trespass to land and the person, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and so on.

Criminal Litigation

The firm has represented persons charged with offences ranging from summary offences to indictable offences both in the petty sessions court, the parish courts, the Gun Court, the Circuit Court and the Supreme Court to obtain bail, put forward a defence or enter into plea negotiations.


The team conducts matters which includes the buying and selling of land or transfer of land by way of gift or love and affection or any other means by which the land owner or proposed land owner wishes to dispose of or acquire land.

Corporate Law

The team advises and assists with the formation of companies, partnerships and sole proprietor businesses and the provision of business venture agreements, shareholder contracts etc. as well as litigate commercial disputes.

Employment & Pension

The team advises on employment contracts, termination of employment, disciplinary hearings, redundancy exercises at the Ministry of Labour, the Industrial Disputes Tribunal or the Courts.


The firm advises on matters which result from family relations between spouses, parents and children, near relatives and guardians. The firm instructs on matters including, application for guardianship, custody, maintenance, division of property, domestic violence and divorce.

Personal Injury

Our firm assists with claims for compensation or defending a claim for compensation wherein someone has suffered an injury, loss or damage.

Property Law

The team advises on matters which includes first registration of property, splintering of titles, restrictive covenants, caveat applications and boundary and property disputes.

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